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ICWKL 'Language, Function, and Usage'
2022 The International Conference for World Korean Linguists

Dates :
June, 29 - July 1, 2022
Venue :
International Hall, Korea University (in Seoul), the Republic of Korea
Language :
Korean, English
Organizer :
The Association for Korean Linguistics, Korea Grammar Education circle, The Society Of Korean Semantics, Korea Language Education Research, Center for Korean Literature & Language Education in Korea University, Korean Language Education Research Institute

Call for Papers

□ About Conference

The ICWKL Comittee will hold its fourth international conference on June, 29 - July 1, 2022 at the International Hall on the Korea University in Seoul, South Korea. The theme of this conference is functional linguistics, which values linguistic function, and sees linguistic structure, the antonym for linguistic function, as the by-product of language use.

There are many branches within functional linguistics: typological approaches, corpus-based approaches, cognitive approaches, pan-chronic approaches, discourse analysis-based approaches etc. Amongst them two branches are with us for the Keynote Speech Section: the two keynote speeches are to be given by Prof. William Croft (The University of New Mexico), a renowned researcher of Usage-based Construction Grammar, a cognitive approach, Prof. James R. Martin (The University of Sydney), a renowned researcher of Systemic Functional Grammar, a discourse analysis-based approach, C.M.I.M Matthiessen(The University of Hongkong Polytechnic), a renowned researcher of Systemic Functional Linguistics.

Of course, the conference plans to offer comprehensive research presentations of any functional linguistics branches from all over the world so as to deepen and widen our perspectives on how to give explanations to linguistic phenomena. We encourage you to join us as a presenter to make the conference fruitful.

□ Conference Dates: June 29 - July 1, 2022
□ Invited Speakers
  • - Willam Croft (The University of New Mexico)
  • - James R. Martin (The University of Sydney)
  • - C.M.I.M. Matthiessen (The University of Hongkong Polytechnic)
□ Topic

- Functional Typology, Construction Grammar, Usage-based approach, Cognitive linguistics, Corpus-based Linguistic Typology, Pan-chronic approaches and so on.

- Systemic Functional Linguistics, Functional Discourse Analysis, Legitimation Theory and so on.

Please note that the conference venue and/or the (online/offline) manner of participation is subject to change because of the potential complexities caused by the COVID-19. Although it would not be easy to confirm, especially with numerous planned conferences being affected by the virus, the organizing committee strongly believes that we still can prepare. In this vein, participants are encouraged to submit your work and contribute to the 4th International Conference on Korean Linguistics. The organizing committee will keep you posted regarding all the pertinent updates to the academic fest.

For the call for papers submission, 20 minute papers of any area within conference topic will be welcomed. We look forward to your active participation, and hope to make the most of this opportunity for scholars to present the latest achievements in this field, networking with conference participants from all over the world.

※ We can provide either economy flight tickets or accommodation fees to presenters belonging to foreign organizations

※ If the covid-19 outbreak does not subside until June, 29, 2022, the conference can be conducted as a webinar.

Additionally, we are enclosing an additional brochure which lists information related to the purpose, agenda, program, and provisional list of participants of the conference.


Individual proposals for the designated topics should include a title page, a one-page abstract, and a one-page CV(See Appendix). The title page must include the following information.

  • ① Title
  • ② One-page abstract(A4)
  • ③ Name(s) of the author(s)
  • ④ Nationality
  • ⑤ Department & Affiliation
  • ⑥ E-mail & Postal address
  • ⑦ Phone & Fax number

Submissions will only be accepted electronically at kolingua@daum.net until Sunday, October 31th. Notification of receipt will be sent via e-mail within five business days. Submissions will be subject to committee review, and final decisions will be made by Tuesday, November 31th; those selected will be given a detailed guideline providing additional information. Final drafts of accepted papers which should be around 10 pages (A4) in length are due by Tuesday, June 1th.

For further information, please contact :

ICWKL Organizing Committee

The department of Korean language and Literature, Korea University

145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, 02841, Korea


Registration Fee

The conference registration fee is 90$ USD ($60 USD for students), and fees for conference presenters are waived. For presenters from overseas, accommodations are also provided.

Kwankyu Lee, Litt. D.

Co-chair of the ICWKL organization committee

The Association For Korean Linguistics(President: Jeong-han Han)

Korea Grammar Education Circle(President: Bon-gwan Gu)

The Society of Korean Semantics(President: Myeong-hui Yang)

Korea Language Education Research(President: Jin-suk Won)

Center for Korean Literature & Language Education in Korea University(President: Yu-beom Kim)

Korean Language Education Research Institute(President: Bon-gwan Gu)